Kithunu Gee – Nawa Ridma

List of Hymns in “Kithunu Gee – Nawa Ridma”

(Pastor G A D Srilal )

1. Apa Athare

2. Wet Weti Ma Yanawa

3. Ana Gasuwawu

4. Mawa Galewwe Oba Pamani

5. Dayawantha Wu Yesuni

6. Mawatha Ayine

7. Devindu Soyana Mata Kisida

8. Mage Jeeve Obatai

9. Preme Nadiya Galai

10. Kitunuwo Api

11. Kristhus Thula Inna Mata

12. Saga Lowa Thamai

13. Yesusge Preme

14. Mawumkara Devithuma

15. Mideeme Weeraya

16. Mama Devinduni

17. Karuna Dayawu

18. Metharam Dura

19. Kithu Himige Sewane


22 responses to “Kithunu Gee – Nawa Ridma

    • lol- he’s lost the blessing & talents from God. you might still see him performing miracles. true! but it’s bcs the talents , powers everything what he received from God will not betaken back. just like what happend to Lucifer when he fell from heaven to hell. he was cast from the power. he’s become the devil. same way pas sri lal will be performing miracles still. but God is not with him. he smokes, drinks, plays casinos. I know him personally. he’s doing all kind of evil things now. he wears rings, bracelets, go in luxury vehicles etc..a true servant of God’s not like that.
      please go to another church and save your souls.

      • God Bless You and Save You. All your sayings are viewed by the lord. Hope you have mercy from God for saying so to a child of God. Will see who will come and pay the penalty.

      • Malli ,Oya anunwa vinishya nokaloth hondai..Naththan loke awasanaye oyaawa thamai Deviyan Vahanse ge vinishyata ahu wenne.Oyaage aathme beraganna!

  1. pastor oaya jesus 2 son!!!!apata oayage desana sajeeweewa balanna pulu wannda. jesus jeewamanai.god bless.

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